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Following up on the successful MLSG symposia at EOU2015 in Badajoz and PAOC2016 in Dakar, we are ready for another dose of inspiring community-building preceding EOU2017 in Turku from August 17th-18th.

In support of the upcoming Pan-African Ornithological Congress (16-21 October, PAOC), the current issue of Journal of African Ecology can be freely accessed by following the next steps:

We are deeply honoured and very pleased to announce that Professor Ian Newton OBE FRS FRSE has agreed to take up the role as President of the MLSG. In his own words:

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At the age of twelve I developed a profound interest in the ecology of European Nightjars (Caprimulgus europaeus), and I promised myself to study these mysterious birds as I grew older. Another twelve years later I was very fortunate to write my master thesis on the foraging behaviour of nightjars at KULeuven. In 2014, I was granted a PhD-candidate position at Hasselt University which allowed me to continue my work on the life of these crepuscular birds.

Hakan Karaardic from Alanya Alaaddin Keykubat University in Turkey provides insight into three studies he is engaged in. Please read on to learn about the Alpine Swift geolocator project, how to sort out the subspecies of Barn Swallow in Turkey and ringing birds with students and their teachers. Migration is the linking pin.

Recent publications

Yismaw Alemayehu, Kiros Welegerima & Yonas Meheretu 2017. Importance of Lake Ashenge, a Small Important Bird Area in Northern Ethiopia, to Palaearctic and Other Migratory Birds African Journal of Wildlife Research View online

Adrian I. Rus, Adam E. Duerr, Tricia A. Miller, James R. Belthoff and Todd E. Katzner 2017. Counterintuitive roles of experience and weather on migratory performance The Auk View online

D. Heyers, D. Elbers, M. Bulte, F. Bairlein, H. Mouritsen 2017. The magnetic map sense and its use in fine-tuning the migration programme of birds Journal of Comparative Physiology A View online

MigrantLandbird RT @MartaLomasVega: Congratulations to Mathilde for her PhD defense! @BirdMigrLab @MigrantLandbird @_BTO @RSPBScience @Macroecology #ecolog
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MigrantLandbird RT @rienvwijk: One of last thesis chapters published! https://t.co/CC1Fbitqlm - on migration timing, dependencies and fitness consequences