Migrant Landbird Study Group

Promoting collaborative research for migratory landbirds across flyways

The MLSG – Migratory Landbird Study Group – is a network to connect people working on migrant landbirds, whether pure research or their conservation, to facilitate both. Collaboration and communication make a difference – particularly when the solution to understanding and conserving migrants must involve all of us on the flyways working together.

The MLSG links researchers and conservation practitioners together, primarily through organising international meetings and providing a forum for the exchange of knowledge and practical assistance. The MLSG is particularly aimed at facilitating collaborations and capacity across the flyway, by uniting early career with established researchers, and researchers from countries that host non-breeding migrants with those from countries that host passage and breeding migrants.  

The success of migrants in the face of habitat and climate change will be a product of their flexibility in establishing new routes and links in the migratory chain. So too will our effectiveness in research, conservation, formulating policy or spreading the word.


Countries covered by AEMLAP Annex 2 [.pdf, 374kb]

Species covered by AEMLAP Annex 3 [.pdf, 993kb]