Migrant Landbird Study Group

Promoting collaborative research for migratory landbirds across flyways

Professor Ian Newton OBE FRS FRSE

Ian Newton has been interested in birds since childhood. He studied zoology, and worked for a D. Phil under David Lack at Oxford University. His doctoral and post-doctoral studies were on finches, following which he worked for the Natural Environment Research Council in Britain, initially on waterfowl, and then on birds-of-prey, particularly on the problems caused by organo-chlorine pesticides. He was head of a Toxic Chemicals Research Group at Monks Wood Research Station. Throughout his career, his main interests have been in the population ecology and migrations of birds, but he has also maintained a strong interest in conservation. He has published more than 300 papers in scientific journals and authored eight books, including Population Ecology of Raptors (1979), Population Limitation in Birds (1998), The Migration Ecology of Birds (2008), Bird Migration (2010) and Bird Populations (2013). Among other activities, he has also served as president of the British Ecological Society and the British Ornithologists’ Union, and as Chairman of the RSPB, the British Trust for Ornithology and The Peregrine Fund in the United States.