Migrant Landbird Study Group

Promoting collaborative research for migratory landbirds across flyways

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Kasper Thorup

Research topics: Full annual cycle; Geolocation tracking; Migration routes; Non-breeding ecology; Resource tracking; Stopover ecology

Study species: All migrants

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Crinan Jarrett

Research topics: Non-breeding ecology; Non-breeding regions

Study species: Passerines

I'm a post-doc at the Swiss Ornithological Institute, studying the ecology of migratory passerines in their non-breeding grounds.

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Rien van Wijk

Research topic: Full annual cycle

Study species: Some migrant species

Currently I reside in Copenhagen, Denmark, after having worked as a PhD student at SOI on the migratory behaviour and its effects on breeding success in Hoopoes that breed in Switzerland.

Using geolocators we investigated their timing, routes and non-breeding sites and put this in a broader perspective by obtaining similar geolocator data from other Hoopoe populations throughout Eurasia. Simultaneously we studied their genetic relations so to be able to investigate population specific migration strategies in relation to genetics.

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Martha Maria Sander

Research topics: Breeding ecology; Climate Change; Migration; Migration routes; Mountain ecology

Research location: Parco Naturale Val Troncea

Study species: Northern Wheatear

I am interested in the link between breeding ecology and migration, and effects of climate change in alpine systems. I collect and analyse data on Northern wheatear reproduction (nest monitoring), survival (colour ringing), seasonal habitat and timing of migration (geolocation).

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Research topic: Yellow-billed Kite dispersal pattern

Study species: Yellow-billed Kite

I'm Caka, a Master's student at Lund University. For my Master's project, I'm studying Yellow-billed Kites and Red Kites dispersal pattern

Peter Knaus

Research topic: Conservation action, threat reduction, international cooperation

Study species: All migrants

Director of Conservation at the Swiss Ornithological Institute, where we coordinate the African-Eurasian Landbirds Action Plan (AEMLAP)

Brady Mattsson

Scott Pursner

Research topics: Climate Change; Conservation action, threat reduction, international cooperation; Distribution; Migration; Migration routes; Migratory connectivity; Stopover ecology

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Oluwadunsin Emmanuel Adekola

Research topic: Moult

Study species: Gannets, Albatrosses, Petrels and Falcons

I recently completed my PhD. My research explores how large birds balance moult with other aspects of their annual cycles. Specifically, I assessed how long-winged birds manage to replace their large number of secondaries, including strategies to limit the impact of intensive secondary moult in terms of loss of wing area. I also tested whether nestlings compromise flight feather quality in a long-distance migratory raptor. I provided several lines of evidence to proof that moult may be used as an index of condition and ultimately as an indicator of fitness.

Moving forward, I am interested in analyzing moult from an evolutionary and life history perspective.

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Kyle Lloyd

Research topics: Breeding ecology; Conservation action, threat reduction, international cooperation; Distribution; Full annual cycle; intra-African migration; Migration routes; Moult; Mountain ecology; Non-breeding ecology

Study species: Flufftails

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Janne Ouwehand

Research topics: Full annual cycle; Geolocation tracking; Wintering ecology

Research locations: Comoé National Park, Ivory Coast; Dwingelderveld Drenthe, Netherlands

Study species: Pied Flycatcher

A strong passion for nature and travelling around the world… Together with curiosity, involvement and an exploring mind they form the foundation of my field research in animal ecology.

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Raphaël Nussbaumer

Research topics: Full annual cycle; Geolocation tracking; Migration routes

Study speciess: Mangrove Kingfisher; Northern Wheatear; Red-capped Robin-chat; Woodland Kingfisher

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Ivan Maggini

Research topics: Ecophysiology; Migration; Stopover ecology

Research locations: Biological Station Illmitz, Austria; Hotel Yasmina, Morocco; Ponza, Italy; Ventotene, Italy

Study species: Passerines

I am the scientific coordinator of the Austrian Ornithological Centre (AOC) based in Vienna. I'm also a board member of EURING, the European bird ringing association, and chair of the MLSG.

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Almut Schlaich

Research topic: Full annual cycle

Study species: Montagu's Harrier

I am passionate about Montagu’s Harriers since I first observed these gracile raptors dancing above the vast cereal fields of Eastern Groningen in the Netherlands in 2009. I could count myself lucky to start working on this amazing species at the Dutch Montagu’s Harrier Foundation doing my Master’s thesis on stopover site ecology of Montagu’s Harriers at an important stopover site in East Morocco. Since then, I travelled through many European and West African countries in search of Montagu’s Harriers, following our satellite- and GPS-tagged individuals.

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Bird Migration Research Station, University of Gdańsk

Research topics: Climate Change; Migration; Migration routes; Migratory connectivity; Moult

Study species: Passerines

The Bird Migration Research Stationis a research and teaching department in the faculty of biology at the University of Gdańsk. Our research focuses on determining the biology, ecology and morphology of birds during their non-breeding season, especially on migration, to identify the relationships between migration and other elements of their life cycle, and to monitor populations of migratory birds. Our studies focus on passerines as models in studies of migration, but we are also interested in movements of birds from other groups. Operation Baltic, conducted since 1960 at the Polish Baltic coast, is our stations’ main long-term research and monitoring project. Modelling long-term trends in numbers, and changes in the timing and features of bird migrations, in response to changes in environment, including climate change, is a key part of our research. We conduct projects in Poland and abroad, focusing on different aspects of bird movements along their main migration routes. Our research projects merge the efforts of ornithologists and citizen scientists, and involve students and volunteers. During our project we disseminate knowledge about birds to nature lovers of all ages and all nationalities.

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Vojtěch Brlík

Research topics: Breeding ecology; Distribution; Full annual cycle; Non-breeding ecology

Study species: Passerines

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Wieland Heim

Research topics: Full annual cycle; Migration

Research locations: Muraviovka Park, Russia; Mirnoye, Siberia; Kvarkush, Ural mountains, Russia; Khingansky zapovednik, Russia; Baikalsky zapovednik, Russia

Study speciess: Barnacle Goose; Passerines

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Kaan Özgencil

I am a PhD student in biology based in Ankara, Turkey. I have been a nature-lover all my life, and my love for birds is an evergrowing one. My current research interests are functional ecology of birds, avian community ecology, and conservation of endangered avifauna. If you are interested in any of these topics and need a collaborator in Turkey, you can contact me on Twitter: @bio_kaan

Malcolm Burgess

Study species: Pied Flycatcher

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