Migrant Landbird Study Group

Promoting collaborative research for migratory landbirds across flyways

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Kiraz Erciyas Yavuz

Study species: All migrants

Research topic: Census, Migration, Ecology

Institution location: Ornithological Research Center

Research focuses on bird migration, bird ecology, bird distribution and population monitoring. Ability to birdwatch, bird ringing and monitoring, attaching tracking devices on birds, nature conservation policies, understanding and implementing ecotourism. Professional ornithologist: qualified ringer and affiliated with Cernek Bird Ringing Station since 2002. Organisation of national waterbird censuses. Provided Turkish contributions to European Breeding Bird Atlas (BBA), Member of Turkish BBA scientific council. Turkish representative in EURING. Contributor to IUCN Redlist bird species. IUCN Species Survival Commission Member. IUCN SSC Threatened Waterfowl Specialist Group Member. Turkish representative/contributor to international bird action plans (e.g. Ferruginous Duck, Roller). Experienced in collecting, analysing and summarizing data from a variety of sources. Academic and policy knowledge dissemination – training activities and workshops.

I did my MSc on orientation of migrant passerines and performed cage experiments. In my PhD I studied the stopover ecology in some migrants and tried to understand their departure decisions and directions in Kızılırmak delta via using radio telemetry, cage experimens and moonwatching data. I am head of the Cernek Bird Ringing Station in Turkey, at the Black Sea Coast in Samsun and I study stopover ecology and movement ecology.