Migrant Landbird Study Group

Promoting collaborative research for migratory landbirds across flyways

Will Cresswell

Study species: All migrants

Institution locations: University of St Andrews, Scotland; APLORI, Jos, Nigeria

One third of European breeding bird species winter in Africa including iconic species that add to our quality of life (e.g. swallows, nightingales, warblers). Nearly all Western European populations are declining and for many species this is almost certainly related to changing conditions in Africa or on migration.

I carry out fundamental research into their ecology directly in Africa and during migration. I also engage in capacity building to promote biodiversity research in West Africa for the future. I have been engaged in studying the factors determining the density and distribution of Palearctic migrants in West Africa for over 20 years and have published a number of papers that have contributed to the primary literature (see below).

I helped set up, am Director of Teaching and been a primary manager for the only ornithological research institute in West Africa for the last 12 years (the AP Leventis Ornithological Research Institute, University of Jos, Nigeria Funded by the APLORI Foundation (of which I was appointed a trustee in 2008) and external bench fees, we have trained 66 Masters students (on competitive scholarship) to date: our degree is in conservation biology and is vetted each year by an external examiner  from a European University (e.g. Groningen, Oxford, Edinburgh). Of the 66 graduates until 2013, 23% have completed or are doing PhDs at universities external to Nigeria (e.g. Oxford, Cambridge, St Andrews, Lund, Upsalla, Copenhagen, Canterbury NZ, Oslo, Cape Town) and a further 21% with PhDs at universities within Nigeria (see Of 58 graduates for which I have current information: 57% are in active research positions (PhDs or post-docs or funded research projects, many of which will lead to PhDs), 16% teach in higher education and 7% at school level, and 3% work for government and 12% for NGOs on conservation issues in Africa. All graduates except one remain working in Africa. I therefore contribute directly to our quality of life here in Europe by identifying the problems facing our migrant birds and helping to solve those problems by conservation capacity building in West Africa.

There is an outline of some research topics here on the APLORI website; see also my current students’ work Emma Blackburn (mostly wintering whinchats) and Sam Ivande (a wide range of passerine migrants and their density and habitat use in Nigeria).

I am also involved in a long term study of the breeding, migration and population ecology of the endemic Cyprus Wheatear with my student Marina Xenophontos. We will be publishing preliminary results on this system over the next couple of years.

Relevant publications

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