Migrant Landbird Study Group

Promoting collaborative research for migratory landbirds across flyways

The newsletter aims to be a forum to publish anything that might facilitate research and conservation of migrant landbirds. There are many other avenues to publish results, reviews, comments and opinions and these have variable amounts of status and peer-review. You might want to publish here, however, because you have information, research or opinion concerning research or conservation of migratory landbirds that does not quite fit traditional journals, but you still want to be taken seriously and that you feel needs to put into the public domain quickly. Here we aim to publish things as rapidly as possible and gain peer-review and comment after publication rather than before. Anything published can then be updated as and when in response to the comments. We are not aiming to be a journal, although nothing will be published here unless it has undergone review for credibility and scientific integrity by the Editor. We are also not aiming to be a blog, although informed comment and opinion on anything within the remit of the MLSG will also be published. 

We welcome contributions that include:

1.     Announcements of workshops, conferences and research opportunities

2.     Original research including time critical work in progress, partial or suggestive results that may facilitate research elsewhere (for example, identification of a way to improve a technique of tagging or sampling methodology, or a local conservation issue, which might eventually get published in full detail in a traditional journal in a year or two, that really needs to be out there now).

3.     Comment and commentary on existing published work

4.     Opinion on research techniques, topics and theories underpinning current migrant landbird research

5.     Conference or workshop proposals and reports at any stage

6.     Summaries of your own research and links to published material that will facilitate the MLSG’s aims

7.     Reviews and literature lists

8.     Trip or logistical reports detailing how research was carried out effectively, particularly in regions where fieldwork is difficult 

Please submit any material in the first instance to the Editor, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Depending on the material this will be reviewed by the Editor immediately and if socially acceptable, scientifically credible and relevant it will be published online immediately. Comments and review will be sought on original research or comment on other’s work; these commentaries will also be published with the original document along with any unsolicited comments (after moderation) that are posted directly on the website. Headlines and links to the recent content of the newsletter section of the website will be emailed to subscribers.