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Brady Mattsson

Oluwadunsin Emmanuel Adekola

Research topic: Moult

Study species: Gannets, Albatrosses, Petrels and Falcons

I recently completed my PhD. My research explores how large birds balance moult with other aspects of their annual cycles. Specifically, I assessed how long-winged birds manage to replace their large number of secondaries, including strategies to limit the impact of intensive secondary moult in terms of loss of wing area. I also tested whether nestlings compromise flight feather quality in a long-distance migratory raptor. I provided several lines of evidence to proof that moult may be used as an index of condition and ultimately as an indicator of fitness.

Moving forward, I am interested in analyzing moult from an evolutionary and life history perspective.

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Wouter Vansteelant

Research topic: Migration

Study species: Eurasian birds of prey

As a keen birder I have long been fascinated by ecology and the complexity of natural systems. Animal movement is a particularly intriguing discipline aiming to understand how individual animals decide to move through their environment in search of resources, and how behavior of individuals translates into population dynamics and species distributions.

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Tianhao Zhao

Research topics: Geolocation tracking; Migration routes; Migratory connectivity; genetic migration

Study speciess: Siberian rubythroat; Siberian/Stejnegeri's stonechat

I am a 2nd-year PhD student in University of Groningen, the Netherlands, main supervisor is Barbara Helm. I work with Siberian rubythroat and Siberian/Stejnegeri's stonechats (race maurus, przewalski and stejnegeri) to study: 1. the impact of geographical barriers in western China (e.g., Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau) on the migration routes of passerines; 2. the genetic basis and genomic structural details associated with the migration pattern differences across different populations.

Kyle Lloyd

Research topics: Breeding ecology; Conservation action, threat reduction, international cooperation; Distribution; Full annual cycle; intra-African migration; Migration routes; Moult; Mountain ecology; Non-breeding ecology

Study species: Flufftails

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Wieland Heim

Research topics: Full annual cycle; Migration

Research locations: Muraviovka Park, Russia; Mirnoye, Siberia; Kvarkush, Ural mountains, Russia; Khingansky zapovednik, Russia; Baikalsky zapovednik, Russia

Study speciess: Barnacle Goose; Passerines

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Vera Brust

Research topics: Conservation action, threat reduction, international cooperation; Geolocation tracking; Migration; Wintering ecology

Study species: All migrants

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Raphaël Nussbaumer

Research topics: Full annual cycle; Geolocation tracking; Migration routes

Study speciess: Mangrove Kingfisher; Northern Wheatear; Red-capped Robin-chat; Woodland Kingfisher

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Taiwo Adams

Research topic: Non-breeding ecology

Study species: Tree Pipits

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Dickson Anoibi Matthew

Research topics: Distribution; genetic migration; Geolocation tracking; Light pollution; Migration; Non-breeding ecology; Stopover ecology

Study species: All migrants

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Bird Migration Research Station, University of Gdańsk

Research topics: Climate Change; Migration; Migration routes; Migratory connectivity; Moult

Study species: Passerines

The Bird Migration Research Stationis a research and teaching department in the faculty of biology at the University of Gdańsk. Our research focuses on determining the biology, ecology and morphology of birds during their non-breeding season, especially on migration, to identify the relationships between migration and other elements of their life cycle, and to monitor populations of migratory birds. Our studies focus on passerines as models in studies of migration, but we are also interested in movements of birds from other groups. Operation Baltic, conducted since 1960 at the Polish Baltic coast, is our stations’ main long-term research and monitoring project. Modelling long-term trends in numbers, and changes in the timing and features of bird migrations, in response to changes in environment, including climate change, is a key part of our research. We conduct projects in Poland and abroad, focusing on different aspects of bird movements along their main migration routes. Our research projects merge the efforts of ornithologists and citizen scientists, and involve students and volunteers. During our project we disseminate knowledge about birds to nature lovers of all ages and all nationalities.

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Janne Ouwehand

Research topics: Full annual cycle; Geolocation tracking; Wintering ecology

Research locations: Comoé National Park, Ivory Coast; Dwingelderveld Drenthe, Netherlands

Study species: Pied Flycatcher

A strong passion for nature and travelling around the world… Together with curiosity, involvement and an exploring mind they form the foundation of my field research in animal ecology.

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Sam Ivande

Research topics: Distribution; Non-breeding ecology; Wintering ecology

Study species: Some migrant species

I am a Conservation Biologist and a Lecturer at the A.P. Leventis Ornithological Research Institute (APLORI), Department of Zoology, University of Jos, Nigeria. APLORI is West Africa’s foremost Ornithology and biodiversity conservation training Institute. I currently serve as the Scientific Director at APLORI and help to coordinate the implementation of the academic curriculum for the APLORI MSc Conservation Biology course. I also help coordinate ongoing research at the Institute. Prior to this, I served as the pioneer Project Manager for the Nigerian Bird Atlas Project (NiBAP) - the first nationwide biodiversity citizen project aimed at promoting public participation in biodiversity conservation by young Nigerians through bird watching. I helped provide strategic direction to promote public engagement through education and volunteering for the project. Along with the Nigerian Bird Atlas Team, we increased local engagement by recruiting, training and organizing over 1000 young nature enthusiasts into over 25 bird clubs across Nigeria and West Africa. I really enjoy the formal and semi-formal opportunities that my work as an Ornithologist affords me to travel, watch and study birds and learn about nature and other cultures. I remain motivated by a passionate desire to contribute to an environmentally conscious society not only in Nigeria but across Africa.

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Will Cresswell

Research topics: Migration routes; Migratory connectivity; Non-breeding ecology

Research locations: APLORI, Jos, Nigeria; Liberia

Study species: All migrants

Will Cresswell is Professor of Biology at St Andrews University and has been studying predator-prey interactions, and the ecology of migrant birds for the last 30 years. Current research priorities are to understand the factors determining the density and distribution of Palearctic migrants wintering in West Africa so that we can address their continuing declines in the face of anthropogenic habitat and climate change. As part of the solution he is also involved with capacity building in the region through helping to run the AP Leventis Ornithological Research Institute that trains future African ornithologists.

Will Cresswell has been involved in management, teaching and research at APLORI from the very start when a chance meeting with Tasso Leventis on a rain forest trail in Ibadan in 1999 led to the initial partnership between APLORI and Oxford University. Will developed the curriculum and initial teaching program for the Masters in Conservation Biology at APLORI, and his then PhD students, Ross MacGregor and Jared Wilson were the first researchers on site at Amurum, setting up the long term ringing and survey program that continues to this day. Will has taught almost all of the hundred and twenty plus Masters students at one time or another, and has had eleven PhD students carrying out research based at APLORI, including three APLORI graduates, Sam Ivande, Murna Tela and Chima Nwaogu. Will is on the Management and Scientific Committees for APLORI, and is a Trustee of the APLORI Foundation that oversees the endowment that provides APLORI’s core funding.

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Reto Spaar

Head of the regional offices unit and deputy head ot the species conservation unit at the Swiss Ornithological Institute.

Member of the Coordination unit of the AEMLAP (African-Eurasian migratory landbirds action plan) of the CMS (Convention on migratory species).

Samuel Temidayo (Dayo) Osinubi

Research topics: Geolocation tracking; Migratory connectivity; Phylogeography

Study speciess: African Pygmy Kingfisher; Woodland Kingfisher

An avian behavioural ecologist interested in bird behaviour relative to their environment.

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Kieran Lawrence

Research topics: Full annual cycle; Migration; Migratory connectivity; Non-breeding ecology

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Scott Pursner

Research topics: Climate Change; Conservation action, threat reduction, international cooperation; Distribution; Migration; Migration routes; Migratory connectivity; Stopover ecology

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Alison Beresford

Research topics: Distribution; Full annual cycle; Migration; Migration routes; Migratory connectivity

Study species: All migrants

I work in RSPB's International Conservation Science team, supporting the Migrants and Flyways Programme.

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