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Promoting collaborative research for migratory landbirds across flyways

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Chris Dee

Study species: Pied Flycatcher

I have had an interest in the natural world since childhood and developed an enthusiasm for birds in my teenage years, going on to study Zoology at the University of Oxford.

In North Devon, England, I monitor breeding Pied Flycatchers in nestboxes at three woodlands as part of the PiedFly Network.

When I am not ringing, I run my own company specialising in website development for bird-related not-for-profit organisations and volunteer groups.

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Will Cresswell

Research topics: Migration routes; Migratory connectivity; Non-breeding ecology

Research locations: APLORI, Jos, Nigeria; Liberia

Study species: All migrants

Will Cresswell is Professor of Biology at St Andrews University and has been studying predator-prey interactions, and the ecology of migrant birds for the last 30 years. Current research priorities are to understand the factors determining the density and distribution of Palearctic migrants wintering in West Africa so that we can address their continuing declines in the face of anthropogenic habitat and climate change. As part of the solution he is also involved with capacity building in the region through helping to run the AP Leventis Ornithological Research Institute that trains future African ornithologists.

Will Cresswell has been involved in management, teaching and research at APLORI from the very start when a chance meeting with Tasso Leventis on a rain forest trail in Ibadan in 1999 led to the initial partnership between APLORI and Oxford University. Will developed the curriculum and initial teaching program for the Masters in Conservation Biology at APLORI, and his then PhD students, Ross MacGregor and Jared Wilson were the first researchers on site at Amurum, setting up the long term ringing and survey program that continues to this day. Will has taught almost all of the hundred and twenty plus Masters students at one time or another, and has had eleven PhD students carrying out research based at APLORI, including three APLORI graduates, Sam Ivande, Murna Tela and Chima Nwaogu. Will is on the Management and Scientific Committees for APLORI, and is a Trustee of the APLORI Foundation that oversees the endowment that provides APLORI’s core funding.

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Research topic: Yellow-billed Kite dispersal pattern

Study species: Yellow-billed Kite

I'm Caka, a Master's student at Lund University. For my Master's project, I'm studying Yellow-billed Kites and Red Kites dispersal pattern

Martha Maria Sander

Research topics: Breeding ecology; Climate Change; Migration; Migration routes; Mountain ecology

Research location: Parco Naturale Val Troncea

Study species: Northern Wheatear

I am interested in the link between breeding ecology and migration, and effects of climate change in alpine systems. I collect and analyse data on Northern wheatear reproduction (nest monitoring), survival (colour ringing), seasonal habitat and timing of migration (geolocation).

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Flavio Monti

Research topic: Full annual cycle

My main research interest focuses on bird migration ecology with applications in conservation biology and wildlife management, specifically in the Mediterranean region.

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Scott Pursner

Research topics: Climate Change; Conservation action, threat reduction, international cooperation; Distribution; Migration; Migration routes; Migratory connectivity; Stopover ecology

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Emmanuel Osibeme Okposio

Study speciess: Common Reed Warbler ; Passerines

I am an aspiring one health research scientist interested in ecology and evolution in a changing world blending science with my love for nature. 

Rien van Wijk

Research topic: Full annual cycle

Study species: Some migrant species

Currently I reside in Copenhagen, Denmark, after having worked as a PhD student at SOI on the migratory behaviour and its effects on breeding success in Hoopoes that breed in Switzerland.

Using geolocators we investigated their timing, routes and non-breeding sites and put this in a broader perspective by obtaining similar geolocator data from other Hoopoe populations throughout Eurasia. Simultaneously we studied their genetic relations so to be able to investigate population specific migration strategies in relation to genetics.

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Catrin Eden

Research topic: Full annual cycle

Study species: Spotted Flycatcher

I am in the first year of my PhD researching the decline of Spotted Flycatchers and how habitat and environmental drivers impact their population dynamics. 

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Crinan Jarrett

Research topics: Non-breeding ecology; Non-breeding regions

Study species: Passerines

I'm a post-doc at the Swiss Ornithological Institute, studying the ecology of migratory passerines in their non-breeding grounds.

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Dickson Anoibi Matthew

Research topics: Distribution; genetic migration; Geolocation tracking; Light pollution; Migration; Non-breeding ecology; Stopover ecology

Study species: All migrants

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Judit Szabo

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Barbara Helm

Research topics: Ecophysiology; Full annual cycle; genetic migration; Non-breeding ecology; Light pollution

Study species: Siberian/Stejnegeri's stonechat

Hi, I'm at the Swiss Ornithological Institute. I'm interested in all aspects of migration, in particular responses to light pollution, the migration cycle in Africa, and broadly timing and annual cycles.

Martins Briedis

Research topics: Full annual cycle; Geolocation tracking; Migratory connectivity

Study speciess: Common Starling; Northern House Martin; Some migrant species

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Ella Hughes

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Malcolm Burgess

Study species: Pied Flycatcher

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Juan Arizaga

Research topics: Migration; Migratory connectivity; Stopover ecology

Head of the Aranzadi Ringing Scheme. 

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Samuel Temidayo (Dayo) Osinubi

Research topics: Geolocation tracking; Migratory connectivity; Phylogeography

Study speciess: African Pygmy Kingfisher; Woodland Kingfisher

An avian behavioural ecologist interested in bird behaviour relative to their environment.

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Jessica Williams

Research topic: Conservation action, threat reduction, international cooperation

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Kaan Özgencil

I am a PhD student in biology based in Ankara, Turkey. I have been a nature-lover all my life, and my love for birds is an evergrowing one. My current research interests are functional ecology of birds, avian community ecology, and conservation of endangered avifauna. If you are interested in any of these topics and need a collaborator in Turkey, you can contact me on Twitter: @bio_kaan