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Martha Maria Sander

Study species: Northern Wheatear

Research topics: Breeding ecology; Climate Change; Migration; Migration routes; Mountain ecology

Institution location: Università di Torino, Italy

Research location: Parco Naturale Val Troncea

I am interested in the link between breeding ecology and migration, and effects of climate change in alpine systems. I collect and analyse data on Northern wheatear reproduction (nest monitoring), survival (colour ringing), seasonal habitat and timing of migration (geolocation).I studied Biological Sciences (BSc) and Animal Ecology (MSc) at the University of Potsdam, focussing in my Master thesis on songbirds' stopover ecology along the East Asian flyway (Amur Bird Project, with Wieland Heim and Heiko Schmaljohann). During my PhD in Italy, I worked with an alpine grassland system, studying the habitat, breeding phenology and reproductive success of the long distance migrating Northern Wheatear (with Dan Chamberlain).