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Ivan Maggini

Study species: Passerines

Research topics: Ecophysiology; Migration; Stopover ecology

Institution location: Konrad-Lorenz Institute of Ethology, University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna

Research locations: Biological Station Illmitz, Austria; Hotel Yasmina, Morocco; Ponza, Italy; Ventotene, Italy

I am the scientific coordinator of the Austrian Ornithological Centre (AOC) based in Vienna. I'm also a board member of EURING, the European bird ringing association, and chair of the MLSG.

My research revolves around the ecophysiology of migration, mostly of Passerines, focusing mostly on stopover areas along the route. I am also interested in the physiological adjustments of birds to react to challenging conditions such as high temperatures. I prefer conducting my research under natural conditions in the field, though I am also relying on captive studies when necessary. I use several field methods including bird catching and individual marking, tissue sampling, (automated) radiotelemetry and other tracking technologies, field respirometry to mention a few. In the past I also flew birds in wind tunnels and performed several procedures with captive birds. At present my research is conducted at field sites in Morocco, Italy and Austria, but I have collaborations all around the world and am happy to add more of them in the future!