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Turtle Dove solution trialling (UK)

Study species: Turtle Dove

Research topic: Breeding ecology

Institution location: RSPB

Research location: Senegal

Project organiser: Jenny Dunn

Status: Active

During 2011-2015, Turtle Doves have been monitored in the UK to determine their foraging, breeding and ranging behaviour in order to determine whether trial conservation interventions positively impact breeding success.


  • Determine whether turtle doves are disappearing from certain habitats or geographic areas
  • Monitor nesting productivity and foraging habitat selection of turtle doves on farmland
  • Trial and evaluate conservation management options aimed at increasing breeding productivity by providing a source of seed food in farmland
  • Determine effects of trial management options on foraging behaviour and breeding productivity
  • Examine the prevalence and diversity of parasites infecting turtle doves on breeding and wintering grounds
  • Assess the impacts of infection by the Trichomonas gallinae on adult and nestling behaviour and survival
  • Investigate presence of Trichomonas in the environment

We are also examining the composition of turtle dove diet from faecal samples collected on breeding and wintering grounds

Research topic areas: radiotelemetry, breeding ecology, conservation, demography, distribution, foraging, habitat use, home ranges, population dynamics, diet.