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After a hugely successful main conference on Avian Tracking in 2015, the BOU will be revisiting the topic in their 1-day autumn 2016 conference in Peterborough.

The scientific committee of the Pan African Ornithological Congress invites proposals for oral and poster presentations at the 14th congress. The deadline for submissions is 3rd April 2016.

As the song goes, ‘it’s the most wonderful time of the year’. A happy yuletide greeting to you all! The end of the year offers a chance to look back and take in the moments. In that heart of looking back and sharing the moments of 2015, we are launching a MLSG Xmas Photo Share campaign on Twitter.

The African Journal of Ecology will publish a bird-themed issue in 2016 in support of the upcoming Pan-African Ornithological Congress held in October 2016. You are encouraged to submit bird-themed papers to the African Journal of Ecology within the next few months.

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Last summer the 10th Conference of the European Ornithologist’s´ Union in Badajoz (Spain) attracted the biggest gathering of ornithologists ever in Europe. EOU2015 was the first large ornithological meeting since the inception of the MLSG, and thus the first opportunity to start building our community of migrant landbird researchers.

Knowledge about the distribution of bird species in Nigeria has historically been presented in detailed checklists such as “The Birds of Nigeria” by Elgood et al. (1993), "Birds of Africa" etc. However, over the last 50 and especially during the last 20-30 years, the environment in Nigeria has gone through great changes mainly due to increase in the human population. This has increased the pressure on birds and other biodiversity and has certainly also impacted the distribution of the country's avifauna. A more recent and updated assessment of the distribution of the country's biodiversity is thus not only important but also very urgently needed.

Recent publications

Bowers, E. K., Grindstaff, J. L., Soukup, S. S., Drilling, N. E., Eckerle, K. P., Sakaluk, S. K., & Thompson, C. F. 2016. Spring temperatures influence selection on breeding date and the potential for phenological mismatch in a migratory bird Ecology View online

Larue, Mélanie, Mathieu Boos, Christian Brossard, François Baillon, Jean-Jacques Boutteaux, Jérôme Bernard, Paul Brossault, Odile Petit, and Damien Chevallier 2016. Migration of juvenile Black storks: stay with the family or go alone? Ringing & Migration View online

Chris M. Hewson, Kasper Thorup, James W. Pearce-Higgins & Philip W. Atkinson 2016. Population decline is linked to migration route in the Common Cuckoo Nature Communications View online

_SamanthaFranks Great piece on linking science and policy for conservation in Africa facing threats of land use change https://t.co/YKKdhAUxJV
MigrantLandbird In all the #NAOC2016 excitement, we missed highlighting this great African policy piece by two of our board members! https://t.co/bIB4QQ525t