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In support of the upcoming Pan-African Ornithological Congress (16-21 October, PAOC), the current issue of Journal of African Ecology can be freely accessed by following the next steps:

We are deeply honoured and very pleased to announce that Professor Ian Newton OBE FRS FRSE has agreed to take up the role as President of the MLSG. In his own words:

Satellite telemetry in ornithology is a forum which started in October 2001 and has 518 members now (August 2015). There have been up to 93 messages in a month.

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Migratory species depend on several habitats - often separated in space and time - to complete their annual cycle. Consequently they are especially vulnerable to the impacts of habitat loss. Long term population declines of Afro-Palearctic migratory birds have been linked with loss of suitable breeding habitat and conditions on the non-breeding wintering grounds, but relatively little is known about the winter ecology and its influence on migrants’ overall ecology.

Last summer the 10th Conference of the European Ornithologist’s´ Union in Badajoz (Spain) attracted the biggest gathering of ornithologists ever in Europe. EOU2015 was the first large ornithological meeting since the inception of the MLSG, and thus the first opportunity to start building our community of migrant landbird researchers.

Recent publications

Wouter M.G. Vansteelant, Judy Shamoun-Baranes, Willem van Manen, Jan van Diermen and Willem Bouten 2016. Seasonal detours by soaring migrants shaped by wind regimes along the East Atlantic Flyway Journal of Animal Ecology View online

Janne Ouwehand, Christiaan Both 2016. African departure rather than migration speed determines variation in spring arrival in pied flycatchers Journal of Animal Ecology View online

Marjorie C. Sorensen, Graham D. Fairhurst, Susanne Jenni-Eiermann, Jason Newton, Elizabeth Yohannes and Claire N. Spottiswoode 2016. Seasonal rainfall at long-term migratory staging sites is associated with altered carry-over effects in a Palearctic-African migratory bird BMC Ecology View online

MigrantLandbird Closing Ceremony @ #PAOC2016 PAOC15 in 2020 will be in Ethiopia! Sad this PAOC is already over, but looking forward to meet again! Thanks!
MigrantLandbird And so it begins... The PhD defense of Janne Ouwehand on #ClimateChange and #PiedFlycatcther #migration Groningen,… https://t.co/LJIf2aP1dQ
MigrantLandbird Ademola Ajagbe at #PAOC2016, speaking about the impact of development on birds and Important Bird Areas (IBAs). https://t.co/7NjdI5pi0m
MigrantLandbird Alex Ngari, Coordinator of the African-Eurasian Migratory Landbirds Action Plan (AEMLAP) at #PAOC2016. https://t.co/V7pdkyTIAz
MigrantLandbird Richard Prum at #PAOC2016, presenting a plenary on recent progress of the phylogeny of birds. https://t.co/Spr7jIFRjt
MigrantLandbird Jacob Davies at #PAOC2016, discussing the role of demographic parameters in range change in an Afro-Palearctic migr… https://t.co/lO6y9ZCjcR
MigrantLandbird Rien van Wijk at #PAOC2016, giving an overview of research achievements and future prospects of Afro-Palearctic mov… https://t.co/YJYLhThimv
MigrantLandbird Almut Schlaich at #PAOC2016, speaking about ecological determinants of mid-winter movements of Montagu's Harriers. https://t.co/yawnCPuFEa