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In support of the upcoming Pan-African Ornithological Congress (16-21 October, PAOC), the current issue of Journal of African Ecology can be freely accessed by following the next steps:

We are deeply honoured and very pleased to announce that Professor Ian Newton OBE FRS FRSE has agreed to take up the role as President of the MLSG. In his own words:

Satellite telemetry in ornithology is a forum which started in October 2001 and has 518 members now (August 2015). There have been up to 93 messages in a month.

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Last summer the 10th Conference of the European Ornithologist’s´ Union in Badajoz (Spain) attracted the biggest gathering of ornithologists ever in Europe. EOU2015 was the first large ornithological meeting since the inception of the MLSG, and thus the first opportunity to start building our community of migrant landbird researchers.

Knowledge about the distribution of bird species in Nigeria has historically been presented in detailed checklists such as “The Birds of Nigeria” by Elgood et al. (1993), "Birds of Africa" etc. However, over the last 50 and especially during the last 20-30 years, the environment in Nigeria has gone through great changes mainly due to increase in the human population. This has increased the pressure on birds and other biodiversity and has certainly also impacted the distribution of the country's avifauna. A more recent and updated assessment of the distribution of the country's biodiversity is thus not only important but also very urgently needed.

Recent publications

Almut Ellinor Schlaich, Raymond H. G. Klaassen, Willem Bouten, Vincent Bretagnolle, Ben Johannes Koks, Alexandre Villers & Christiaan Both 2016. How individual Montagu's Harriers cope with Moreau's Paradox during the Sahelian winter Journal of Animal Ecology View online

Jeffrey F. Kelly, Kyle G. Horton, Phillip M. Stepanian, Kirsten M. de Beurs, Todd Fagin, Eli S. Bridge & Phillip B. Chilson 2016. Novel measures of continental-scale avian migration phenology related to proximate environmental cues Ecosphere View online

Allison K. Shaw 2016. Drivers of animal migration and implications in changing environments Evolutionary Ecology View online

MigrantLandbird RT @m_wegmann: Safi and Kranstauber close first day w/ first #animalmovement analysis at #AniMove 2016 using #rstats #move pkg https://t.c…
MigrantLandbird RT @Lykke_Pedersen: @MigrantLandbird getting ready for first lecture at the #AniMove summer school @animaltracking Exciting! https://t.co/A
MigrantLandbird Great news! We are deeply honoured and very pleased to announce that Prof. Ian Newton is now President of the MLSG! https://t.co/aTK75428t3
MigrantLandbird In all the #NAOC2016 excitement, we missed highlighting this great African policy piece by two of our board members! https://t.co/bIB4QQ525t
MigrantLandbird Jeff Buler show that migratory birds seem to be attracted to artificial lights when stopping over #NAOC2016
MigrantLandbird Interesting talk by Dave Grunzel: Pilot study show mismatch between resource peak and songbird migration peak at 2 sites in Maine #NAOC2016
MigrantLandbird Heather Williams is using satellite data to develop a full annual cycle sdm for Common Cuckoos #NAOC2016 https://t.co/X20r11E7Yr
MigrantLandbird Rachel Muheim talking about a new unified theory for cues in orientation of migratory birds @lunduniversity #CAnMove #NAOC2016