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In support of the upcoming Pan-African Ornithological Congress (16-21 October, PAOC), the current issue of Journal of African Ecology can be freely accessed by following the next steps:

We are deeply honoured and very pleased to announce that Professor Ian Newton OBE FRS FRSE has agreed to take up the role as President of the MLSG. In his own words:

Satellite telemetry in ornithology is a forum which started in October 2001 and has 518 members now (August 2015). There have been up to 93 messages in a month.

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The 14th Pan-African Ornithological Congress took place in Dakar, Senegal in October. There was inevitably a lot of scientific interest and discussion about migratory landbirds and the MLSG was involved in a lot of this.

Each year billions of birds migrate between their breeding sites in Europe and non-breeding sites in Africa. The migratory life-style allows them to make optimal use of seasonal changes in food. But how flexible is this migratory life-style when environments are rapidly changing? Can they change their timing and movement decisions to keep track of advancements in peak-food availability during breeding as a result of climate warming?

Recent publications

Kasper Thorup, Anders P. Tøttrup, Mikkel Willemoes, Raymond H. G. Klaassen, Roine Strandberg, Marta Lomas Vega, Hari P. Dasari, Miguel B. Araújo, Martin Wikelski and Carsten Rahbek 2017. Resource tracking within and across continents in long-distance bird migrants Science Advances View online

Marta Lomas Vega, Mikkel Willemoes, Robert L. Thomson, Jere Tolvanen, Jarkko Rutila, Peter Samaš, Roine Strandberg, Tomáš Grim, Frode Fossøy, Bård Gunnar Stokke, Kasper Thorup 2016. First-Time Migration in Juvenile Common Cuckoos Documented by Satellite Tracking PLoS ONE View online

Tamás Miholcsa & Tibor Csörgo 2016. Testing wintering area identification efficiency with NDVI and survival index of Marsh Warblers Acrocephalus palustris Journal of Zoology

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