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You might have seen or heard about it elsewhere already, but Inspire4Nature is advertising 15 well-funded PhD positions including one specifically on Afro-Palearctic migrant bird declines, please find more information here

We are happy to announce a satellite symposium on "Landbird migration in different worlds" presented by the Migrant Landbird Study Group (MLSG) and the European Ornithologists Union (EOU) during the day of arrival at the 27th International Ornithological Congress in Vancouver, Canada.

Conference Announcement - Migrant Birds as Indicators of Climate Change

13 - 16 December, Gdansk, Poland

Across the globe migrant birds are confronted by and adapt to climate change and effects of human development during various stages of their life cycles. Afro-Palearctic migrants can serve as indicators of the effects of climate change across Europe and in Africa. While migrant birds know no borders, their continued existence depends on international collaboration of scientists and conservationists. Therefore, we gather in Gdansk as bird researchers from Europe and Africa, to share knowledge, discuss our concerns and explore potential solutions. We aim to generate a better understanding of issues relating to the conservation of migrant birds, as well as to set up collaborative projects on migrant landbird research.

Satellite telemetry in ornithology is a forum which started in October 2001 and has 518 members now (August 2015). There have been up to 93 messages in a month.

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Herewith a (non-exhaustive) list, in alphabetical order, of papers on migrant landbirds that have been published from medio October 2017 until now (medio March):

The MLSG organised a two-day satellite symposium just before the official EOU conference earlier this year in August. We had about 70 official attendees with another 20 or so dropping in informally, particularly on the day the EOU official started. Thirty nine attendees gave presentations – short summaries of these are given below. A visual impression can be found here, more info in text below.

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Recent publications

Soladoye B. Iwajomo Mikkel Willemoes Ulf Ottosson Roine Strandberg & Kasper Thorup 2017. Intra‐African movements of the African cuckoo Cuculus gularis as revealed by satellite telemetry Journal of Avian Biology View online

Beale, C. M. 2018. Trends and themes in African ornithology Ostrich View online

Bernd-Ulrich Meyburg, Patrick Paillat, Christiane Meyburg & Michael McGrady 2018. Migration of a Peregrine Falcon Falco peregrinus calidus from Saudi Arabia to Cape Town as revealed by satellite telemetry Ostrich View online

Bukola Braimoh, Soladoye Iwajomo, Mark Wilson, Adams Chaskda, Afan Ajang & Will Cresswell 2018. Managing human disturbance: factors influencing flight-initiation distance of birds in a West African nature reserve Ostrich View online

Taku Awa II, Tsi A Evaristus, Robin C Whytock, Tsetagho Guilain & John Mallord 2018. Habitat characteristics of wintering Wood Warbler Phylloscopus sibilatrix in the Centre Region of Cameroon: conservation implications Ostrich View online

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