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By Samuel Temidayo Osinubi, FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology

Migration strategies within the tropics are still poorly understood as are the drivers of movement and the degree of connectivity between sites in migrant birds that have their global range and life cycle exclusively on a single continent – intra-continental migrants. On this side of the Atlantic, the plan is to establish an intra-African bird migration project.


The MLSG organised a two-day satellite symposium just before the official EOU conference earlier this year in August. We had about 70 official attendees with another 20 or so dropping in informally, particularly on the day the EOU official started. Thirty nine attendees gave presentations – short summaries of these are given below. A visual impression can be found here, more info in text below.

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Recent publications

Emily A. McKinnon and Oliver P. Love 2018. Ten years tracking the migrations of small landbirds: Lessons learned in the golden age of bio-logging The Auk View online

Sissel Sjöberg, Lykke Pedersen, Gintaras Malmiga, Thomas Alerstam, Bengt Hansson, Dennis Hasselquist, Kasper Thorup, Anders P. Tøttrup, Arne Andersson and Johan Bäckman 2018. Barometer logging reveals new dimensions of individual songbird migration Journal of Avian Biology View online

Cas Eikenaara, Sven Hesslera, Elmar Ballstaedta, Heiko Schmaljohanna, Hiroyuki Kaiya 2018. Ghrelin, corticosterone and the resumption of migration from stopover, an automated telemetry study Physiology & Behavior View online

Florian Müllera, Georg Rüppela, Heiko Schmaljohann 2018. Does the length of the night affect the timing of nocturnal departures in a migratory songbird? Animal Behaviour View online

Marius Somveille, Andrea Manica, Ana Sl Rodrigues 2018. Where the wild birds go: explaining the differences in migratory destinations across terrestrial bird species Ecography View online

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Insectivorous birds consume an estimated 400-500 million tons of prey annually
The Science of Nature

By Martin Nyffeler, Çağan Şekercioğlu & Christopher Whelan

   For the first time, the predation impact of the insectivorous birds has been quantified on a global scale based on 103 (for the most part published) studies of prey consumption (kg per ha per season) of insectivorous birds in seven terrestrial biome types (i.e., tropical forests, temperate/boreal forests, tropical grasslands/savannas, temperate grasslands, croplands, deserts, and Arctic tundra).

Ten years tracking the migrations of small landbirds: Lessons learned in the golden age of bio-logging
The Auk Ornithological Advances

By Emily McKinnon and Oliver Love

Since miniature light-level geolocators were first deployed on small songbirds (2007), our understanding of migration for this group has grown exponentially. In this paper, 127 studies were reviewed that used geolocators to track small landbirds.

13 - 16 December, Gdansk, Poland

A joint conference of the "Birds as Early Warning Systems" of the Poland–South Africa collaboration project, the Migrant Landbird Study Group, and the Polish Network of Bird Ringing Stations (KSSOP) - more info here

We are sorry to inform you that the planned EOU-MLSG satellite symposium "Landbird Migration in Different Worlds" at the IOC congress in Vancouver has been cancelled. The cancellation is due to an unexpected shift in timeslot as well as an overlap with a conflicting workshop on geolocator analyses. Instead, we encourage everyone interested, to sign up for the geolocator workshop organized by Eli Bridge, Simeon Lisovski, and Eldar Rakhimberdiev. Sign up here. The MLSG ExCo will still be present at the IOC to raise our profile.

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