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Crinan Jarrett

Study species: Passerines

Research topics: Non-breeding ecology; Non-breeding regions

Institution location: Swiss Ornithological Institute

I'm a post-doc at the Swiss Ornithological Institute, studying the ecology of migratory passerines in their non-breeding grounds.

My main interest is in bird ecology in Africa, involving migratory species during their non-breeding period and resident bird communities. For my PhD, I studied bird communities in cocoa plantations, and how to sustainably manage cocoa farms to achieve a win-win for birds and farmers. In my current position, I continue to work on bird-friendly cocoa management, and have a general interest in understanding (and mitigating) the effects of land-use change on birds.

To study bird ecology in Africa I use several tools, including diet metabarcoding and different foms of hierarchical modelling.